For over two decades, we have been at the forefront of engineering solutions, services and technologies tailored for energy facilities. Our expertise in biomass flue gas cleaning stands out, ensuring that our clients receive reliable, tested, and top-performing equipment. Beyond just flue gas cleaning, we also excel in PLC programming, providing a comprehensive approach to energy solutions. Our engineers have successfully implemented projects not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland and Sweden. Contact us! 


Design and production of flue gas cleaning equipment

We can design and manufacture flue gas cleaning equipment of various types and configurations. We supply both standard and individual solutions.

Audit of flue gas emission parameters for operating biomass boiler houses

We perform audits on solid particle emissions and provide recommendations on how to reduce them.

Consultations for equipment selection

We advise on the choice of flue gas cleaning equipment, suitability and functionality of electrostatic precipitators, bag filters and multicyclones.

Equipment installation and commissioning

We install and provide commissioning of various flue gas cleaning systems and provide staff’s training.

Maintenance 24/7

We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance services for flue gas cleaning equipment. We always have the main spare parts of flue gas cleaning systems in our warehouses and we can deliver them promptly.

Automation programming

AIC team of programmers offers a competent programming service for the applications of your technological algorithms.