Electrostatic precipitators

An electrostatic precipitator is one of the most effective and reliable ways to control emissions, providing the least resistance for the gas flow compared to other cleaning technologies. Our technology helps to fully meet the 2015/2193 EU directive, that aims to limit emissions of certain pollutants into the air from medium combustion plants.

Process automation

Our team develops application software for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) – a crucial part of industrial automation that allows to design and implement control applications depending on the customer’s needs. PLC control system capable of all monitor and control functions used to perform in the process control industry.

Bag filters

The bag filter is efficient solid particle cleaning equipment that controls the levels of sulfur dioxide and others. All In Container can provide the bag filters with various applications that are suitable for different temperatures, flue gas concentrations or other individual specifications.

High cleaning level, up to 5 mg/Nm3

Long lifetime of equipment, 15-20 years

Easy maintenance and service of equipment

Why us?

> We design optimal flue gas cleaning equipment for your business
> We perform an audit of the parameters of the combustion equipment
> Our equipment will fully comply with current EU directives
> Warranty of up to 5 years
> Warranty and post-warranty maintenance and consulting services – 24 hours per day
> Installation services

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