The bag filter is efficient solid particle cleaning equipment that controls the levels of sulfur dioxide and others. This equipment aims to remove the solid particles from the flue gas in the industrial sector and smaller capacity incinerators. The usage of bag filters ensures meeting 2015/2193 EU directive, that aims to limit emissions of certain pollutants into the air from medium combustion plants.

All In Container can provide the bag filters with various applications that are suitable for different temperatures, flue gas concentrations or other individual specifications.



Our bag filters are made of strong and fracture-resistant steel, such as anti-corrosion or acid-proof steel. All In Container bag filter equipment separates the solid particles from flue gas by collecting them in the filter media. The solid particles are accumulated on the surface of filter media that is affected by reverse airflow. The Bag Filter selection of filter media is selected individually depending on the application for which a filter is estimated: from high-quality polyester to advanced glass fiber.

Flue gas is supplied to the upper part of the filter, here a flue gas stabilization process takes place. This part ensures the equal usage of the total filter’s media filtering area. The separation of solid particles from flue gases happens in the external area of a filtrating bag. Then the clean gas enters the interior bag where it is ejected outside the device. The separated solid particles fall into a down part of the filter where it is collected and transported outside the bag filter.


> SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT. The bag filters have the efficiency of removing solid particles up to 99%, and the emission control up to 10 mg/m2.


> LONG LIFE AND FLEXIBLE SOLUTION. According to the client’s need, we manufacture bag filters from long-lasting and high-quality materials. Also, the bag filter has a smaller construction compared to other flue gas cleaning equipment.

> FAST AND EASY INSTALLATION. The bag filters can be delivered in prefabricated or even preassembled components and installed on new or existing sites in minimum downtimes.

> FULLY AUTOMATIC OPERATION. The power supply automatically controls the process of the bag filter and ensures the best cleaning performance.

> SUITED FOR NEW OR EXISTING PLANTS. The bag filter can be integrated into the newly built plant or as an extension of the already existing filter.